SCOTT- 2-Get Fit

Try One ... or BOTH!

These videos were recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically during lockdowns. 

Please do not come to my house to jam.

Quick Boot Camp

Try a workout with me - LET'S SWEAT!!!

Full Body Workout

Let's do one!!

More Things I Can Do

Group Fitness Classes

Get a group of friends and colleagues together for a regular weekly workout.  1, 3, or 5 times a week, 15, 20, up to 50 minutes each time.  Let's do this ... TOGETHER!

Personal Fitness Training

I will meet with you, at an agreed upon location, and we will work your body to achieve your fitness goals.  Tell me what you want to change, and I'll help you do it.

Nutrition Coach

We all know what we're doing wrong when it comes to eating, but do you know what to do right?  I can help.  We'll set up a basic eating plan to help you lose those extra pounds.

Team Training & Coaching

Every good athlete has a regular training program in order to increase strength and endurance, which makes you better at your sport.  Teams and Individual Training available